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Posted by on 6/17/2017 to Demolition Bags

We are all in the construction and demolition business to make a profit. Green is what we put in the bank and green is how we want to conduct our business. Until now we had no alternative option to the traditional black plastic 3 mil thick contractor bags. Thankfully there is now a great economical and green alternative since the arrival of the OX Woven Contractor Bags!

All across the United States and Canada any contractor that does any demolition work adopted the black plastic contractor bag as an indispensable part of their disposal process.

There was no green alternative that worked and would make a more positive contribution to the bottom line.

It is the simplest idea in the world. Reusable contractor bags.

We bought a pack from www.interbulkexpress.com, filled them with garbage, our carting company partner hauls them off to the dump. They are emptied and returned to us on their next delivery. For smaller jobs we would empty full bags of debris into the dumpster and keep the bags for future jobs.

These bags are tough and can hold 150lbs or more but we generally fill just under 100lbs so that one of our guys can carry it to the curb. The OX Woven Conractor bags can be reused five times but we have seen 20 or more turns on our bags.

These reusable construction bags for demolition clean up work are a great alternative to garbage bags. You can get them in online at www.interbulkexpress.com. They are about 30% less expensive than Home Depot multi use contractor bags, and you don't have to make an extra trip!

Any self respecting green construction company is using these bags instead of the single use black thin plastic alternative. Beyond the environment just look at the savings.

That's $1.25/bag (in-store pick up price) for standard demolition bags. Just $0.95/bag for InterBULK Express OX Woven Contractor Bag. Black garbage bags are $15 for 50 bags. That's 30 cents a bag.

If the OX Woven Contractor Bags are reused just five times or turns then the cost per turn becomes just $0.19/bag ($0.95/5 turns). Lets just say we have used ours an average of about ten times. That means the OX Woven Contractor Bags are a third the cost of normal black trash bags that can only be used once.

It is no longer a question of negotiating profits away to be a green demolition company when discussing contractor bags. Using OX Woven Contractor Bags for all your demolition jobs is essential to earn greater profits for your business.

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