One Ton Masonry Bulk Bag
One Ton Masonry Bulk Bag

One Ton Masonry Bulk Bag

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One Ton Bulk Bag

Bricks and bulk bags of sand travel side by side on flatbed trucks.

  • Dimensions:34.5 x 34.5 x 41.5"
  • Capacity to hold over 2,600lbs!
  • Flap Top with Skirt Closure. Draw string to secure/tighten filled bag!
  • Plain Bottom
  • 12" High Super Heavy Duty Lifting Loops in all Four (4) Corners.
  • YOUR company logo can be added on all custom orders. Call (888) 547-8513 for customer service.

InterBULK Express one ton bulk bags allow your masonry company to carry different masonry products during a single delivery to a customer. Deliver masonry material to two or more locations with one truck on a single trip using our InterBULK Express bulk bags. Save time and money since your trucks no longer have to return to the yard after each delivery.

Material is delivered cleanly and keeps it from becoming wash off. Contractors and the home owners will appreciate a cleaner work site.

Our one ton bulk bags can be printed with your name and logo. Make you bulk bags advertising billboards. Call for details and price quotes on custom printed bags.

Shipping Specifications (LTL):

Full Pallet Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 52"
Full Pallet Weight: 1,048lbs