The 7 Worst Flood Disaster in US History

Posted by Mark Moellman on 6/29/2017 to Polypropylene Woven Sand Bags

How to Build a Levee

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Protect your business and home from damaging flood waters by constructing a temporary dam or levee using sandbags. This is a cost effective but time consuming activity. Plan ahead to gather materials and supplies and use the principles and practices in this article for greater success.

Home Renovation - Reusable Woven Contractor Bags

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We are all in the construction and demolition business to make a profit. Green is what we put in the bank and green is how we want to conduct our business. Until now we had no alternative option to the traditional black plastic 3 mil thick contractor bags. Thankfully there is now a great economical and green alternative since the arrival of the OX Woven Contractor Bags!

Sandbags to Protect Your Home From Flooding

Posted by Mark Moellman on 6/15/2017 to Polypropylene Woven Sand Bags
Use sandbags to help reduce the impact of flooding on your home.

The tips in this article are based on structures that are built on concrete slabs. Flood water can contain many hidden dangers. Including Raw Sewage, Trees, Chemical Waste and deadly debris. Even shallow water can move quickly enough to knock you off your feet so be careful.

Sandbags will not stop the water completely but can reduce the amount of water entering the home. They can also be used to block inside drains that are at risk of backflow such as toilet bowls and shower drains. You are best placed to decide when there is a need to sandbag the home. This is based on local knowledge and past flood events. Weather warnings may alert you to the need to start sandbagging.

How to Fill Sandbags

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Filling sandbags can an easy process with a bit of planning, preparation and precautions. There are Five main items to consider when preparing for a successful sandbag filling operation.